How to Make a Kite
How to Make a Kite

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From Daytona Beach to the Le Mans 24 Hours of Paul Newman and Tom Kristensen , the Daytona is inseparable from the world of motor sports and the passion for speed . This watch legend speaks of adrenaline and transcendence of design and emotion, and tells of a watchmaking history of innovation. Ties with Motorsport were not new for Rolex at the time of the Daytonas inception. In fact, in 1935, when the British driver Malcolm Campbell, known as The Speed King, set the land speed record of 484 kmh in his rocket car Bluebird, he was wearing a Rolex on his wrist He also broke many world-speed records on Daytona Beach too.. In 1962 a new three hour car race was inaugurated in Florida at the Daytona International Speedway circuit and a partnership with Rolex was formed. In the following year racing drivers and fans heard that Rolex had developed a new model called the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph which featured a chronograph movement and a tachymeter scale engraved on the bezel used for measuring speed in miles and kilometers per hour. Rolexs intention was to associate this new model with a world class motor race and initially upon release it was known as the Rolex Le Mans Chronograph, however later in 1965 Rolex re-introduced the same Chronograph model under the new name: Rolex Daytona Chronograph. There has been a great deal of speculation, but no clear answer, as to why the Daytona started out as the Le Mans chronograph. The Le Mans race being the most famous of all it was understandable that Rolex would choose to associate with it. Some people believe there may have been copyright issues involving the Le Mans name, while others think that it was simply because Rolex Daytona sounded better than Le Mans Chronograph and they have a point. Another theory is that because of their strong affiliation with Speed-King, Sir Malcolm Campbell who broke so many world-speed records on Daytona Beach, they decided to use the Daytona name as a tribute to his amazing legacy. So to the man that everyone associates with the Daytona, Paul Newman one of Hollywoods biggest stars in the 1960′s was also crazy about motor racing and would remain a car fanatic until the end of his life. For the 1969 Indianapolis 500 racing film Winning Newman appeared on screen wearing the Daytona thus adding to the chronographs myth. Furthermore Newman decided to not only act the role of race driver but to do the driving himself and in 1972 he made his debut in the Indianapolis 500 race. Just before the race, his wife, actress Joanne Woodward, offered him a Daytona with three words engraved on its back: Drive slowly. Joanne. It is said that he wore this watch until his death in 2008, and rather surprisingly its the model 6263 with Black dial and white registers not the model everyone calls the Paul Newman Daytona. However no one seems to know the reasons -including Newman himself- why it was the model with dials in either black (with white registers), or cream (with black registers), with square markers within the registers that became known as the Paul Newman Daytona. In fact the name is rather an oxymoron since Newman was a huge Rolex Daytona fan and owned at least five different models which he wore throughout his life. Interestingly the term Paul Newman Daytona was invented by collectors and has never been officially used by Rolex. Nevertheless this model (pictured below), has become the Holy Grail of collectible watches and fetches considerable prices at auction and watch aficionados dream of acquiring it in its original, or, failing that, in a later version. Replica Handbags
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Kite Makers and Artists
Peter Lynn Kite Factory -
New Zealand
Ron Gibian KitesCalifornia
Robert Van WeersNew Zealand
Most Excellent Flying MachinesAustralia
Oz FeathersAustralia
Mike GoddardU.K
Scott HamptonUnknown, U.S?

Main Kite Sites

The Drachen Foundation, Journal
Drachen Archive  -- Historical Kite Info
The Virtual Kite Zoo
Virtual Kite Festival
National Kite Month
Japanese Kite Art Collection
Documentary on chinese kites
- KiteLife EZine

Kite Site Lists
Andrew Deattie's Kite Directory
Kitelife Links Page  -- kite page list

Plan Listing Sites
Peter Peters Plans Listing
Flying Circus Kite Plan Page
Open Directory: Kite Plans
Kite Plan Base -- Italian

Kite Plan Sites
Anthony's Kite Workshop
Charlie Charlton's Kite Site
Plans by Geert Donker Duyvis
Drachen Archive -- Historical Kite Info
Traditions Japanese Kite Plans
Ucurtma -- Non-English Plan Ripoffs
75 Kite Plans -- Boy Scout Activities

General Construction
Kite Design & Colours -- TouchSky
General Construction -- Art & Flywork
Bamboo and Centipede

Sewing Tips
Kite Building Tips and Tricks
Sewing with ribbon tape  -- Art&Fly
Edge Hemming Technique  -- anthony
Sail Panels with Curves
Neals Foil Kite Construction
Kite Sewing 101  -- Sewing ripstop
NASA Parawing  -- Art&Fly

Kite Flier's Knot Gallery  -- Simo
Kite Knots  -- Gary Engvall
KAP knots and hitches
Kiteing Knots (Dan Leigh's)
alpbutt: Alpine Butterfly
Prusik Knot

Stunt/Power Kites - General
General Stunt Kite Encylopedia
Flying Tips  -- 274kites
Stunt Tricks  -- Peter Peters
Stunt Tricks  -- Andy Wardley

Stunt Kite Plans
Raaseri Stunt Kite Plan -- Simo
Woody, small stunt kite -- (ps)
Joystick Stunt Kite
David Aberdeen - Power Kiter
NASA Parawing -- Art&Fly
NPW9b Gallery -- for ideas
NPWBill Gallery -- more ideas

Stunt Kite Construction
KiteCraft -- Adv. Techniques
Basics of Stunt Kite Design
The Active Bridle
The Dynamic Bridle
Static to Dynamic Conversion

Delta Kites
Dan Leigh Delta Kite Info
Delta Conyne -- Thomiru
Delta Conyne Plan  -- Kitemonger

Simo Salanne Rok  -- 1.7 meter
Art and Flywork Rokkaku  -- good diagram
Gary Engvall Rokkaku  -- 6 foot
Charlie Charlton Rok  -- 1.2 Metre
Gomberg: Rokkaku Fighting
Shropshire Rok - small mylar

Genki Style Kites
Dragon Kite  -- Duyvis

Rotor Kites
UFO and Rotor Kite Information
Construct an UFO rotating kite
Rolloplane Balsa Rotor Kite Plan
Spinning Janny Page
Chupp Rotor (Autogyro)
Old RotorKite Project Page
Spinning Blimp  -- Paper Strip Fish

Tetrahedral Kites
Tetrahedral Kite Information
Tetrahedral Kite Variations
Kansas City Tetrahedron
TetraLite Kites
Rob and Tony, Tetraherdron Flyers
Ring Connector Tetra Plan
A.G.Bell & Mast Spar Const.  -- in German
Bell Tetrahedral Kite - What Is It
Tetrahedral Principle in Kite Structure
Luna Kite - Tetra variation

Box Kites & Crossdecks
Waldof Box Kite Plans
Delta Box Plan  -- Kite Zoo
Waffle (Pely Box Variant)
Tetracaideca Box Kite
Honeycomb Facet Kite  -- KSBG
Cube plan  -- (plain text)

Cody Box Kites
Duyvis's Cody Gallery
Cody War Kites, Plans and Info
Original Cody Kite
Cody's Early Boxkites
Triple Cody Wing Kite  -- in German

Soft Kites

Soft Kite Hints and Tips
Lynn Pilot Parafoil
Le Parafoil - French
Airmonger  -- A no-curves parafoil
Panflute Revisited  -- Anthony
Rowland Flowform Discussion

Circoflex (Ring) Kite
Circoflex Kite Info  -- Anthony
Original Circoflex Plan  -- Anthony
Mini-Circoflex Plan  -- Anthony

Fighter Kites
Gomberg: Flying Fighters
CyberFighter: Fighter Kite Info
Hata Construction
Oz Flare Plan -- AKS, Sydney
Gentle Giant Buka

Sled Kites (for kids & adults)
Flexable Sled Kite Site
Plastic Sled Kite -- ReedDesign
Paper Sled Kite (A3)
Harry Sauls' Sled
Double Para-sled  -- German
Sled Kites, An Overview   -- PDF Article

Diamond Kites (for Kids)
El'Cheapo Diamond Kite  -- Anthony
Dr. Deleto's Eddy
(How to) Go and Fly a Kite!
Trad. Paper Diamond - plain text

Paper/Plastic Kites for Kids
Simple A4 Paper Kite  -- Hawaii
ThePaper Kite  -- fold and fly
Paper Sun Kite  -- Anthony
Brooxes Basic Box (copy)
Straw Tetrahedral  -- Glenda Woodburg
Sperm Paper Fold Kite

Other Flat-Bowed Kites
Trad. Edo Kite  -- Japanese Kite Collection
Wau Bulan  -- in french

Miscellaneous Kite Plans
Fantasy Kite Plan
Bamboo and Centipede
Chinese Dragon Kite
Flapping Crow Kite
Ship Kite
Yacht Kite

Kite Classroom Info
Kites in the Classroom  -- AKA, Melb.
Kites in the Classroom  -- Virtual Zoo
Kites as an Educational Tool
Kites, Kids and Education  -- Dave Ellis
Kite History  -- National Kite Month
Prof. Kite and How to Fly Kites
Kite History  -- Carnet de Vol
Kites On A Roll

Tails and Streamers
Spinsock Plan  -- KiteMonger
Basic Tube Tail  -- kitemonger
Twisty Tube Tail Plan  -- Anthony
Double Twist Tube Plan  -- Anthony
Helical Spinner
Gomberg Kites, line laundry for sale

Balls, Bols and
Inflatable Line Laundry

Hemisphere Parachute Design
4 foot Bol Plan
Duck Windsock
Fat Fish Windsock
Le Serpent  -- in French

Paper Messengers  -- the original message
Anthony's Lifting Messenger
Pulley Line Dropper  -- Art&FlyWork
Static Line Dropper  -- Wind Climbers
Dropper (Hoist, and pull line)  -- KSGB

Ecoll's Parafauna Resources
Arthur Dibble Parachuting Bears
Collected Parafauna Info in Dutch

Kite Photography (KAP)
KAP E-Resources
KAP Network
Scott Haefner KAP
Simon Harbord, KAP (Castles)

Bill Nelson's Ice Cube Trigger
David Williamson, KAP (wet paper timer)

Kite Stories
Trilobite Disaster II
Tuffy's Parachuting Adventure
Miscellanous Kite Stories
Bob Moore's World Record Attempt

Other Non-Kite Plans
Anemometer Plan  -- Windspeed Indicator
Deep Sky Reel Plan
Kite Musical Instruments
Wind Flutes from Plastic Bottles
Tones on the Kite Line
Kite Poetry Anthology